Current Research

In addition to research on the BAP species the following research is recently completed, ongoing or planned:

  • Norfolk Geoff Nobes surveyed East Walton Common and the Hills and Holes in 2010. This is part of the ongoing programme to survey all important water beetles sites in this key area of Britain. Whilst it does not support any of the BAP species Norfolk has a large number of Red List species.
  • JNCC review of the scarce and threatened water beetles of Great Britain This can now be downloaded from the JNCC website.
  • Haliplus varius and Limnebius crinifer Ron Carr was contracted to review the status of these two species in the Weald in 2009, when he could find H. varius but not L. crinifer.
  • Beavers Two privately owned sites where beavers are already established have been surveyed as well as the sites in Knapdale surveyed in advance of beavers being introduced in May 2009. Sites will be resurveyed in a few years’ time to assess the impact of beavers of loch structure and water beetle diversity.
  • A Biography of David Sharp. David Sharp (1840-1922) has been claimed as the founder of modern entomology. He made major contributions to the world study of water beetles. A Royal Society grant will be used to facilitate a reassessment of Sharp’s contribution to entomology.
  • Site Condition Monitoring 21 SSSIs were surveyed in Scotland as part of the Scottish Natural Heritage programme of SCM.