Checklist of Beetles of the British Isles

This checklist is the most up-to-date and comprehensive checklist of the beetle fauna of the British Isles, representing many man-years of effort by leading British coleopterists. The main checklist is fully annotated with detailed endnotes.


  • Introduction (D.A. Lott)
  • Extant or recently extinct native and naturalised species
  • Species found as subfossils in Quaternary sediments (P.I. Buckland & P.C. Buckland)
  • Non-established introductions (A.G. Duff)
  • Bibliography
  • Index to family-group and genus-group names

The checklist can be downloaded as a PDF:

The 2012 checklist is also available as a printed booklet. More compact than A4, and saves you the time and effort printing the checklist yourself. Laminated colour cover, 170 x 240 mm. Space for notes at the end.