Conspicuous ladybirds

There have been 3500 species of coccinellid described worldwide but until recently only 43 were considered as resident in Britain.

The herbivorous Bryony ladybird, Epilachna argus, and the small inconspicuous hairy ladybirds Rhyzobius chrysomeloides and R. lophanthae, are recent additions but none have attracted as much attention as the Harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis, first encountered in 2004.

Of the 46 ladybird species now found in Britain only 26 are readily recognisable as ladybirds.

A ladybird identification sheet (163Kb) and a ladybird larvae identification sheet (290Kb) are available in PDF format.

Sub-familySpeciesCommon name
EpilachninaeHenosepilachna argus (Geoffroy in Fourcroy)Bryony ladybird
EpilachninaeSubcoccinella 24-punctata (L.)24-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeAdalia 10-punctata (L.)10-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeAdalia 2-punctata (L.)2-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeAdonia variegata (Goeze)Adonis ladybird
CoccinellinaeAnatis ocellata (L.)Eyed ladybird
CoccinellinaeAnisosticta 19-punctata (L.)Water ladybird
CoccinellinaeAphidecta obliterata (L.)Larch ladybird
CoccinellinaeCalvia 14-guttata (L.)Cream-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeCoccinella 11-punctata L.11-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeCoccinella 5-punctata L.5-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeCoccinella 7-punctata L.7-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeCoccinella hieroglyphica L.Hieroglyphic ladybird
CoccinellinaeCoccinella magnifica RedtenbacherScarce 7-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeHalyzia 16-guttata (L.)Orange ladybird
CoccinellinaeHarmonia 4-punctata PontoppidanCream-streaked ladybird
CoccinellinaeHarmonia axyridis (Pallas)Harlequin ladybird
CoccinellinaeHippodamia 13-punctata (L.)13-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeMyrrha 18-guttata (L.)18-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeMyzia oblongoguttata (L.)Striped ladybird
CoccinellinaePropylea 14-punctata (L.)14-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaePsyllobora 22-punctata (L.)22-spot ladybird
CoccinellinaeTytthaspis 16-punctata (L.)16-spot ladybird
ChilocorinaeChilocorus 2-pustulatus (L.)Heather ladybird
ChilocorinaeChilocorus renipustulatus (Scriba)Kidney-spot ladybird
ChilocorinaeExochomus 4-pustulatus (L.)Pine ladybird